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Vixen was born at the North Pole many years ago.  She has a major crush on Cupid and hopes one day to marry him.


Vixen is well known for her cleanliness.  She has to keep her eyes on the reindeer all the time, especially when they are playing.  More than the others, she has to watch Blitzen because he always plays football in the mud.


Vixen makes sure that the reindeer brush their fur and that their hoofs are polished. She makes them take a bath every night, and not to the reindeerís delight.


As you might expect, most of the reindeer hide from Vixen because she walks around with a brush in her hand always wanting to use it on them.


But there is one reindeer who doesnít mind and that is Cupid, because Cupid also has a major crush on Vixen.




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