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Welcome to the elf house! My name is Tucker.

Iím a cuddly little elf! I love to be tucked in nice and warm at night.

In fact, thatís how I got my job. You see, I was the one who tucked

in the reindeer every night. I made sure that they each had their

own blanket. I also made sure that all of the elves had nice warm hats,

gloves, socks  and blankets. When Santa saw what a good job I was doing

he put me in charge of the stuffed toys.

My team of elves makes all of the teddy bears (they are my favorite) and the soft toys. Susie is in charge of making all of the dolls and their clothes.

She makes sure each one is just right!


I still tuck in the reindeer every night and make sure that they are nice and warm.


I hope you have a merry Christmas!


              Tucker the elf.


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